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September 12th 2003 - April 25th 2006 

*This web page was designed as a gift to Noah's mother Elizabeth Lamonthe*

Noah was born with health problems that caused him not to be able to suck, he needed a g-tube in his belly.  Noah was slow delayed and was not able to sit up, crawl or walk.   

My Letter to Noah's Mother

Dear Liz,

My name is Tanja Theriault and I am the founder and creater of Loyal Lamb Outreach.  Chrissy and I grew up together and when she heard of the Outreach she shared your heart breaking story to me about a year ago.  Chrissy always updated me on your son's life.  I know that you feel robbed of your son's life and I really do not blame you for that, I am sure many parents at my Outreach and around the world feel that way.  I pray for many blessings in your life and for your family.  This web page is my gift to you and I pray it will bring comfort to you.  Your son is now able to do all the things you dreamed for him to be able to do and he is now closer to you now more than ever.  My deepest sympathy and prayers are with you and your family, may God embrace you in His love and peace.  There are many children at this Outreach and if you would like to speak to another parents that shares your pain than please feel free to contact me at

Love and Blessings, Tanja Theriault

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