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In Loving Memory Of Zachary Chase Oakes

Zac was born with a rare heart disease called Transposition of the Great Vessels. Zac was born 6 weeks early, Fri Oct 13,1995 and had to have a surgery at only 4 days old.

Zac remained in the hospital for a month after he was born, recovering from his heart surgery and learning to eat from a bottle. Being born 6 weeks early and having such a major heart disese, Zac seemed to go down hill quickly after his surgery and I was scared he would not make it but he bounced back and i was able to take him home 2-3 weeks after his surgery. I knew Zac would need more surgeries but I was anxious to get him home, but nervous as well.

Zac was my first born son and ment the world to me. I was so over protective of him but very nervous caring for a child with such a serious heart disease, but managed to do it. I was so glad to jus get him home. Zac's grandma purchased a baby swing upon Zac's arrival and Zac loved it. He wanted to be in the swing all the time and as soon as you put him in there he would smile, and it would not take long before he fell asleep.

Zac also had a brother born with this same heart disease whom also passed away. I was told this heart disease was not hereditary and is very rare. Jacob was 2 years younger than Zac and lived till age 3, before he passed away of heart and lung failure.

Until we meet again my little Zac, mommy loves you and you will always remain in my heart, not a day goes by i dont think of you and your brother Jacob.



Loyal Angel Lamb Zachary

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