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In Memory Of
Harry James Geddings

Born June 26, 1992
Died November 21, 1997

Harry James Geddings, was diagnosed at the age of 3 years. It was just two weeks after his birthday when we found out that he had a brain tumor. It was found by accident at Childrens hospital Oakland, because we got tired of the doctors telling us that it was the flu or something like that. My wife and I know that it was something more than that. That night he went into some real bad convultions and slipped into a coma in the middle of the night. His brain had swelled up so bad that they had to put a shunt in, by an emergency surgery...other wise his brain would have burst!!!! After they got the swelling down a week later, they took him in for brain surgery and got less then 40% removed. At the time it was was the size of a good size peach they said. They also put him on the vancristen, cisplatume, VP16. Then they sent him to UCSF for 30 focal radiation treatments. They also had him in a couple of study's with different types of new chemotherapy. They did all that they could, but at the age of five and a half he died here at home in my arm's with a house full of people that he loved so much...and they all loved him just as much. That was on Nov. 21, 1997. In all the things that he went through...never one time did I or any one else ever see him fight his treatments, the doctors, or the nurses. He always had a smile on his face and always, always had good things to put out in the world!!!!!!

We miss you very much Buddy Boy... we all do so very much.

It is not the will of your Father in heaven
that one of these little ones should perish.
Matthew 18:14


Loyal Angel Lamb Harry

Harry's Web Site