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To talk about Haleigh in the past tense still tugs at are hearts. Haleigh was born into a family of a mom, dad, 3 brothers and a sister. She was to be the icing on are family's cake. She started life as all are kids have, being loved and nurtured. She began to grow into those beautiful brown eyes of hers, which had that certain twinkle in them and everyone knew she was special. Then one day she developed a rosy red rash on her body. After a few days of tests she was diagnosed with Leukemia. A day our family will never forget. Through out all Haleigh's treatment she always had her smile and that twinkling in her eyes. She was delivered into God's arm the very moment that her mother said she could go. Haleigh is thought of daily and the love for her grows more and more. Haleigh is loved and missed by all that had a chance to meet her and we wait for that moment when we will be reunited. Mark & Lisa

In Memory Of Precious Haleigh

June 4, 2000 - December 16, 2001

Loyal Angel Lamb Haleigh

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