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Brandon Troy


This is the letter that Brandon's mom sent to me about the cancer which took Brandon's life.  (Tanja Theriault)


Dear Tanja,
  Thanks for caring so much, it's okay I feel that speaking of his illness actually makes me feel better sometimes.  Brandon was diagnosed with mixed lineage leukemia (infantile leukemia) at the age of 4 months old. He was in ICU for 2 months, intubated and unconcious and then at the age of 6 months he had no muscle mass so we worked on getting his strength back. It was a miracle that he was even alive so we were extremely happy. Brandon was in remission until December of 2002, he was 10 months old then he relapsed in his spinal fluid and bone marrow, still we kept going with treatment he seemed to be doing well and responding to all the medication given to him.
In February of 2003 we celebrated his first birthday with his situation so delicate everyone in our families came from all over. It was nice but I cried the whole time I know it would be his only birthday. We kept going to clinic all of his doctors loved him and nurses too. His main doctor was with him always we became good friends. On a routine visit to the clinic on May 22, 2003 Brandon was acting a little more irritated than usual. His oxygen level was at 60% and they did an xray to find he had fluid build up in his lungs, he was admitted they told us this was it so I laid next to him all night I watched as he took breaths around 3 p.m. on May 23, 2003 his sats started to deteriorate. I felt as if he was holding on for me because I this point I kept telling him to stay with me. So finally I got the strength I needed to let go and whispered in his ear, "Brandon, it's okay go with Jesus and Granddad Mommy and Daddy will be okay, we'll see you soon", I gave him a kiss and held his little hand and cried quietly as he took his last breath. I was in shock, my husband screamed and yelled, my daughter passed out, my 11 year old daughter turned 9 that day, it's her birthday that day (May 23) so we all took it differently. He was in good hands now even though as I write this email tears stream down my face I know that my little angel Brandon or "Raisin Bran" as I liked to call him is watching me always. We miss him alot the holidays are the worst he didnt get to see many of those, and mostly spent his holidays behind 4 white walls now I see him dancing in the fields and jumping, laughing and singing. Free of pain and waiting for us in heaven.