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Kody B. Cannon

March 16th 2004 - July 29th 2007

What we thought was a case of constipation ended up being much more serious! Kody was diagnosed on May 17,2005 with Neuroblastoma Cancer. He has a huge tumor that is on his adrenal gland that measures 11cm transverse X 9.4cm front to back .The one on his liver measures 5.5m transverse X 4cm front to back. It is a solid tumor that wrapped around his main blood vessel in his belly and crushed his Intra Venous cavia (IVC). The IVC brings blood flow to and from the lower extremities; with it crushed Kody had a high risk of losing his legs to amputation. He also has 2 spots on his spine and one on his right femur. There was also 2 cancer cell clumps in his bone marrow.His cancer is a stage 4. They gave him a 40% chance of survival. At one time Kody had a waist size of 24 and a half inches and weighed about 40 pounds. When they went in and did surgery they discovered that he had 2 cancer lesions on his liver. As of today Kody has undergone 6 chemotherapy treatments that did shrink his tumors, and a major surgery that did remove ALL of his tumors. He has also underwent a VERY harsh chemo that killed ALL of his immune system and then he got a Autologous Stem Cell Transplant. With the high dose chemo that Kody received, he was at risk of dying from pneumonia since he did not have a immune system. But with lot's of prayer he is doing well today.

Well here I am adding yet another chapter to Kody's life... One that I would rather not be adding! In September of 2006 we noticed that Kody was limping and having trouble walking up and down stairs. At his check up and routine CT scan, a week later, cancer was detected in his right hip bone. On the bone scan it showed cancer in his bones. The prognosis was not good. Actually in all honesty it was VERY grave... Kody may only have 6 months with us left,but no more then 2 years. So we are making the BEST out of what may be left of his life with us.I know that he will be our special Angel in heaven with my mom, who is waiting patiently to take him home with her, where he will no longer hurt, or have to be poked again. He will be a whole, perfect person once again!

The banner below was made for Kody by Loyal Lamb Outreach 2 weeks before his passing.