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DECEMBER 7, 1979 - AUGUST 10, 2000

Nickname:  Homer

Tragically killed in auto accident with two of his friends.  Allison, age 18 and Kenneth, age 19.  Wayne was age 20.

He was a wonderful young man.  Never heard him speak badly about anyone.  He always was a kind young man and always willing to help when he could.  Just two weeks before his death, he had put in new carpet in his granny's camaro.  He had redone his lower rider Chevrolet pickup with money that he earned working, received from birthdays and holidays.  He was a fine artist.  He designed the interior (door panels etc) of his truck himself.  His favorite colors was purple and yellow.  His truck was the bright yellow with deep dark purple interior with a touch of yellow.

I remember when Wayne was a young man in school, he would loan friends money that he had and they would pay him back with interest.  He had a nick for business.  He had planned on attending art school out West which would have taught him the field of designing automobiles.  He had plans on after college of starting his own business, designing cars
including race cars.

On Valentine's Day, he would always give the girl he was dating, a yellow rose and a stuffed animal.  Christmas, was always a good piece of jewelry.    He had really good taste when it came to gift giving for his girlfriend.

The family still has not gotten over his death.  It was such a shock.  It seems that purple has become the family's colors now.  I know I love purple because it reminds me of Wayne.  It is something that we can see and be reminded of a wonderful young man that left us to soon.

The accident was NOT alcohol or drug related. The police seems to think that either a car came over the hill and blinded them with the bright lights or a deer ran in front and caused him to over-correct and the truck went into a spin and hit a tree.  But, we do know that it was not alcohol or drug related.  Just a freak accident that took him and the others from their families.

Kenneth was also the cousin to a uncle of Wayne's.  This made it double sad for his uncle's family.  Allison also had a little girl that has no mother now.  The same week that Wayne's accident happened, there was another young girl, age 17 that was killed in a bad accident.  All were at the same funeral home during the same time.  I have never seen as many young people as I did those few days.  It was so sad.  So many caring young folks that was so upset over losing their friends.

I would like to say this to maybe stop another accident from happening that happened to the young 17 year old.  Please if anyone reading this ever has to move a mattress using an open bed truck, please tie it down good.  A mattress blew off the back end of a truck.  She tried to miss it and was hit head on with a gasoline truck.  Please be save and make sure any thing that is moved, is tied down and don't take a chance of something like this happening to anyone else.

Since Wayne's accident, Harley's dad, Preston Sale was tradically killed in a tree accident.  Preston was a tree surgeon and the accident happened in his own yard.  Seven months later his baby girl was born.  He wanted a little girl, his other two children were boys.  Harley is Wayne's cousin.