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Heaven's Window

 Every second of the day a child dies; heartbeaking but true.  There are so many different diseases and fatal accidents, homiside, abduction, abortion, or sometimes a cause cannot be found.

I myself have lost loved ones to homiside, hit and run, suicide and heart failure.  Most of the loved ones I have lost are under the age of twenty-three.

My hope at Loyal Lamb Outreach is that you will recieve comfort here.  Losing a loved one is agony enough and you should never carry that alone, I know because I tried.  In time the heartache will ease.  You will never feel the same again because such a huge part of your life has been torn away but living will become easier and liveable.  What really helped me with one of my loved ones is I always did something in her memory.  On Christmas I light a candle for her, On my Birthday I have a rose on the table in her memory, on her Birthday I toss a rose in the river and sing her favorite hym.  Don't ever be afraid of losing memories because they will not always be as strong but one day you could be walking down the street and see or feel something just like them and it will be strong.  If you ever need someone to talk to please e-mail me at Tanja Theriault

Click on the year to see the slide shows of children that have memorials on the outreach.



2006 Heaven's Window