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Carter McKenzie Finger

Diagnosed on November 19, 2002
Stage IV Neuroblastoma

2002 - 1st round of High dose chemo and central line placed (Broviac)

2003 - Carter spent 186 days in the hospital this year.
Stem cell harvests 2 x's
Mediport/central line placed
5 rounds of high dose chemotherapy
surgery to remove initial tumor
Autologus stem cell transplant
Oral accutane
Radiation to original tumor site
Began 3F8 Monoclonal Antibodies at Memeorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

2004 - Continued with 3F8 Antibodies up to 7 more cycles of two weeks of treatment at a time.
Continued to take accutane orally
Scan showed progression in femur/ March
4 low doses of chemotherapy followed by 2 high doses of chemotherapy
surgery to repair his teeth that have been damaged by all of the chemo

2005 - Feb progression in right hip
radiation to his right hip
Old mediport taken out and new one placed
June progression in several bone spots did 4 rounds of low dose chemotherapy
2 courses of MIBG Therapy/Radiative Isotope this is given in Philadelphia, PA Childrens hospital of Philly

2006- Still has spot on right hip
Stem Cell rescue to recover his marrow
4 teeth pulled as a result of chemotherapy
received his glasses
Tried taking ABT 751 side effects were to much for Carter to handle also received this at Childrens of Philly to continue to hold Carter's disease stable
April 06 - Started taking CEP-701 his cancer progressed while on it so we had to switch chemo once again.
The cancer progressed again with a new small spot in his spine so he switched again in June to Fenretinide chemo another low dose agent.
Unfortunately this also did not work and he had 5 new bone tumors show up on a MIBG scan in July.
On August 1 and 2 he then took Cytoxin chemotherapy once again in hopes to stop progression of the new tumors.
On August 17th he underwent another vascath surgery in preperation for another stem cell harvest to have for future treatments. We were able to collect 6 million cells!

Scans showed mixed results with possibly another new tumor in the skull in August of 06

Carter then had Cytoxin Vincristine and Topetecan to hopefully stop new progression this was in September of 2006.

Carter started IL131 3F8 Antibodies on October 24th 2006 .

During all of these treatments Carter has had many blood transfusions, platelet transfusions, and admissions to the hospital due to fevers. So as you can see since Carter was diagnosed it has been a constant battle. This does not stop our son He is wonderful and very much full of life!

Carters Prayer Banner which was made when he first joined the Outreach in 2005:

Also made in 2006 for Carter:

Matthew 19:14
Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

It was an honor to have Carter a part of "Loyal Lamb Outreach" no more pain to bare, your life Carter I will share.  Give Jesus a great big hug for us and let there be peace for your pain is gone.